Being prompted for CD/RW - Big problem



A friend of mine has just installed the latest build and is having big problems. Whenever he inserts a blank DVD into his burner (Aopen) he’s told that the drive is empty and that he should insert a CD/RW disc. Sorry if this a bit vague but he lives miles away from me and so I’m only able to go on what he’s told me over the phone. I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and, if so, how was the problem solved.

Thanks in advance.


Told by which program? Remove/reload AnyDVD.


Message was when he was using Nero for cd recording and when using CloneDVD to copy films.
Hope this helps.


Try a non-protected disc without AnyDVD running in the background. If okay, then the problem is not related to AnyDVD.