Being a cheapskate

Ok, I’ve got a purchase lined up at and the total is…wait for it, $24.94. I need a .06 item to get free shipping (at minimum).

What have you got that’s close, and worth my precious few cents?

Try going through the checkout process until you reach the “Confirm and pay” screen to see whether they have a small tollerance.

Here in Ireland, Amazon has a £25 minimum order for free shipping, but have got free delivery on a few past orders that added up just under the £25. I currently have Amazon Prime, so am unable to test whether this is still the case.

For orders close to the threshold, I usually look at our shopping list for something that I can buy from Amazon instead for the same or lower price, e.g. batteries, printer paper, electric toothbrush heads, razor blades, etc.

Thanks for the reply. I have solved the issue by changing one item, and the new one costs ninety cents more. Something of a hassle, but it is done. Amazon seems pretty strict about their $25 minimum over here in the US.

One good thing, I found a discount on a kindle book which paid for the book entirely. So I got a free novel, which won the Nebula award last year, and it’s from one of my favorite authors, Martha Wells.

I have been using Amazon Prime for a long time. As much as we ( me, my wife, and grown children ) buy stuff on Amazon, it has more than paid for itself with the free shipping. My wife bought something the other day for less than $6 and it was free shipping. Not to mention the Prime movies and other stuff that come with Prime.

With me, it was to get an Samsung 1TB PCIe SSD on Prime Day. The SSD was £192 and went on a Prime member only lightening deal for £120.

UK’s Prime membership is £80 for the year. It was reduced to £60 for Prime Day. They gave £10 credit if I installed the Amazon Assistant extension and £8 credit if I topped up by £80. Combining these offers got me the SSD and a year of Prime Membership for £162.

I’ll probably not renew when it’s up unless they have another good deal like this next year. Unlike UK residents, the Irish Prime membership is mainly limited to rapid free delivery and a limited Prime Movie selection, yet they charge the same £80 year subscription as in the UK.

I know it’s been a while on this one?, but sometimes being a penny pincher myself?
While Amazon prime is good to save? Try if you purchase anything recently and , want
to save on shipping or taxes? Try finding it on or Ebay, which I like because
they have good deals on free shipping, and paypal which I love.:slightly_smiling_face: