Beige DVD Burner - Any Still Made?

My old Samsung TS-H492A is getting rather noisy and cranky and am looking to replace it with a better burner but most seem to come only with black bezels these days.

It has to be IDE and preferably a super-multi type and would be nice if it had Lightscribe, although I already have one of those, so no matter.

Yes, I know, I really should get with the program and go black, but that’s my next PC and is a couple of years away yet.

Any brand as long as it’s reliable. Recommendations anyone?

Oh - and I’m in Canada.

Maybe an LG drive in a retail box?

Though I’m in the UK, our H62N was retail boxed, and came with black, silver and beige bezels. Same with my LiteOn LH-20A1H.

So try looking for retail boxed drives that advertise extra bezels/faceplates. :slight_smile:

Thanks Arachne. It’s easier said than done unfortunately. I guess I’m going have to let my legs do the walking instead of my fingers. I.E. Go out shopping instead of looking online.

I think the LiteOn IDE retail burners still come with black and beige face plates.
NewEgg has one.

Thanks, I’ll look around a bit harder. I found one on eBay - LiteOn 20A4H, but would prefer a local merchant if I can find one.

Found one!! A LiteOn DH-20A4P-08. At where I have an account anyway. It’s black with a spare beige bezel. It better come in the box because the last time I ordered one like that I had to phone afterwards and demand the spare bezel as advertised.

See for links to a few.


I am sure both Sony NEC Optiarc (mouthfull :slight_smile: ) and Pioneer do beige writers. Not sure about lighscribe though

I’m getting a LiteOn DH-20A4P non-Lightscribe. My LS briner is pretty new so it’ll do for now.