Beige Bezel for SOHW-1693




My 1693 has a black bezel, the machine I’m going to install it has a beige case. Where can I get a beige bezel for my 1693? I’ve looked around the Lite-On web site and don’t see a ‘store’ or parts department.



It comes in the box the drive ships in.
If you bought an OEM version, well…you’re probably screwed (Unless someone on the forum can send you one of theirs…)


Some shops offer the beige/black bezels for sale separately.
You’ve just got to look around, there’s a couple of Polish shops that do that :slight_smile:


I have a 1653S with a beige plate if you like to swap. It has the same logos on the tray clip as the 1693S. PM me if you like to cross-trade.


there is absolutly no difference between the 1653 and the 1693 plate. I have both.