Beginner's Question



A friend of mine made a film that is in ratDVD format.

I converted it and it finished up with a dozen or so files of different types.

What am I supposed to do with these files?

I wanted to play the film using SubEdit as I would like to use subtitles.

(The file tyoes iam left with are various. They include BUP, IFO and VOB)


Just burn them to a DVD using something like Nero or play them from the hard drive with an appropriate Video player like PowerDVD.

Alternatively go buy the original & play it on a standalone DVD player.

Finally read the forum rules.


Thanks very much, I didnt think of going to the shop and buying it. Youre a great help Timothy, thanks again.


These look like standard dvd files. If they are not already, create a folder named VIDEO_TS and place all the files in it. You can then pretty much treat that folder as if it were a dvd on your hard drive. Most software players should be able to play that folder as if it were a dvd. Most dvd burning programs should be able to copy/burn that folder just as if it were a dvd. I’m not to sure about dealing with subtitles, but asuming all the files are there, when you play the movie, it should play with normal menus, just like you were playing a dvd, and you should be able to go through the menu and turn subtitles on or off etc.


You surely converted the source back from ratDVD to the standard VIDEO DVD source.

Now you can easily burn it using an authoring/burning tool like Nero or ImgToolBurn or even IfoEdit.