Beginner's question about putting MP3 files on a CD-R

Hi. First post as you will note and the first thing I have to say is what a great site this seems to be. Wish I’d found it much earlier.

I recently made some CD’s out of MP3 files using both Nero and Windows Media Player. Then I heard that I could have many more albums on a disk if I left the tracks as MP3. I’ll have a go at that but need to know first - do I copy across to the CD-R my folders (each folder contains one album) or must I only copy single MP3 files?

I plan to get either a CD player or a DVD player that supports MP3 playback. If I choose a DVD player, would I be better to use DVD disks rather than CD-Rs?

Finally, is there anything I should know about using Nero to to this? When I first tried it, I was very confused between Express, StartSmart and Burning ROM - didn’t know which to use…

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

Using Nero copy to cd as DATA files. You can leave them in folders (most mp3 will handle this) or take the files out of folders. I haven’t seen a dvd player that would play a MP3 DVD. Welcome to the Forum.

You can copy folders of mp3 files or just the mp3 files themselves. It really depends on how you plan to play the files in your mp3-capable player. If you plan to play albums, then copy each album as a folder. If you plan to do a random shuffle play, it might be better to copy all the mp3 files to a single folder.

A DVD can hold 6-7 times as many mp3 files as a CD, but check first that your player is able to play mp3 files from DVD (not all are).

You can use any of the Nero tools you mention, just as long as you make a data CD/DVD and not an audio CD. Choosing to create an Audio CD will make Nero convert your mp3 files and you will only get 80 minutes of music on a CD.

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Grateful thanks to you both. Whether it be a CD or DVD player, I’d have it plugged in to my amplifier i.e. there’d be no ‘monitor’. I’m wondering how that would work if I left the albums in their folders - would each album be a ‘chapter’ do you know? Or will I just have to experiment?

Just thought of another question - should the volume level of the various MP3s be ‘normalized’ before or during burn? If ‘before’ is there a recommended program/method?

Thanks again.