Beginners guide to finding the right media

Hi guys,

Based on my own experiences with the BTC 1004 drive I have compiled a small guide which will hopefully ease the quest for finding the right media

  1. Don’t ever order 50+ blank media before you know for sure that the media is supported by the burner. Many have made that mistake - and probably all regret it by now.

  2. Check the compatibility list on BTC’s homepage first. You’ll find it here Please note that the list is not always up to date so you might want to check this thread also Find 2-3 brands that are available in your area and order at least 3 samples of each. Don’t jump to conclusions because one media gives a bad result - it could be a bad media. Thats why you should get 3 samples of each media at least. Always verify the MID code of the media before ordering and make sure it’s on the compatibility list.

  3. Before burning your first media make sure you update your mastering application (like Nero) and the firmware. You can get the latest firmware for the BTC drive here

  4. Always test the burned media on some other hardware like your standalone DVD player AND a PC DVD-ROM drive. If burning DVD rips it’s essential that your DVD player is “happy” with the media. If burning data it’s essential that the media is readable on another DVD-ROM drive. In regards to DVD players remember that not all players like DVD+R media (this is a hint Marco :slight_smile: ). The format of the mastered DVD is of great importance too. Some players don’t care whether the format is UDF only or UDF/ISO9660, while others reject UDF only discs. The Nero 6 DVD-VIDEO template is ISO9660/UDF. If burning UDF only, remember to select UDF v1.02 though!!!. Use a rewritable for testing this matter. If burning PS2/XBOX backups find a guide on the net that explains how to do it - I haven’t got a clue

  5. Burn some discs and use a tool like K’s CD/DVD probe v1.1.26 to check the quality of the burned media on the BTC drive. For more info on K’s CD/DVD Probe and download visit and if you need help interpreting results check out

  6. Now you want to check the burned media in another PC DVD-ROM drive. If you only have your BTC burner available, visit a friend for this purpose. You want to make sure that the media is readable on other hardware besides the BTC drive. You can verify the media with Nero’s Scandisc (Nero CD-DVD Speed). I usually do a surface scan but a file scan might do as well. Finally you should do a Transfer rate test. You want the graph to rise from beginning to end. It’s normal to experience a drop in transferrate at the end of the media - however the transferrate should not drop below 2X at any point. If the avg. transferrate is very low this usually indicates that the burn quality / media quality is very low and that the drive is strugling trying to read it. This will probably result in jerky playback on your home DVD player.

  7. Find 2-3 medias of each needed type (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW) and stick with them!

  8. Stick to one mastering application. Installing more than one mastering application might introduce very strange behaviour. Remember that even though you uninstall a mastering application, drivers may get left on the system and conflict with other applications. This might even explain why some people never succeded writing a single disc with this drive. If running Windows XP remember to make a System Restore point before experiencing with new burning software. This way you can always do an uninstall and rollback your system restore point.

Running the risk of repeating myself burning DVD’s is not a simple task. Media compatibility depends on firmware, media playability depends on the playback device and the mastering process just makes the whole thing much more complicated. Believe me, I have learned this the hard way. Buying a DVD player is not a simple task either for the reasons listed above. I have three DVD players at home. Player one (oldest one) accepts DVD+R media, player 2 rejects DVD+R media but reads UDF only and ISO9660/UDF fine while player 3 reads DVD+R, even plays DIVX but reject my 80+ UDF only formatted DVD-VIDEOS. Hope you get the picture, very frustrating!

To cut a long story short I have been very pleased with my BTC drive. Sure I have had my problems searching for the right medias but I think it was worth it. The BTC drive finally made me ditch my CD-R burner because it’s fast, reliable and comes with great support from Marco of BTC Europe.

Marco can you make this topic “sticky” I think it’s very helpfull … and you can delete this post afterwards ofcourse.

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Marco can you make this topic “sticky” I think it’s very helpfull … and you can delete this post afterwards ofcourse.

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