Beginner needs help copying dvd's

I am a new user who wants to back-up store bought movies. I have one dvdrw drive. I have DVDDecryptor and nero6 ultra edition software. I used decryptor to decode and what i have on my computer is 19 files with VOB,BVP, and IFO types. My question is…what do i do with them? How can I play them and more importantly, how do i burn them back to a DVD? I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but as i said, i am new to all this! Will my Nero do the job? PLEASE HELP! Thank You.

Basically, to back up a movie you own, there are some steps:

1 - use a program to rip the movie to disk with copy protection removed
2 - process the ripped video with a program like DVD Shrink (free)
3 - burn the processed video back to a DVD blank

You might want to download DVDFab Decrypter - a free, up to date ripping app - or the new front-end for DVD Decrypter called RipIt4Me - also free.

Those two options should handle all the copy protections out there.

Once you rip to a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive (all those VOB, BVP and IFO files), you can open that video using a program like DVD Shrink (free).

That is good at squeezing a movie to fit on a single-layer DVD blank.

Then you can save the video from DVD Shrink to a new VIDEO_TS folder or an ISO image and use Nero to burn it (as a DVD Video project, or as the ISO).

Should work fine.

Here are some links:

DVDFab Decrypter:


DVD Shrink:


Many folks have both DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink already installed on the system. If you download the RipIt4Me Installer version and execute it after you download it, it should install over top of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and work with them to help make and process the backup.

With RipIt4Me, just start it from the icon on the desktop and answer YES to everything in the Wizard. When prompted to run FixVTS, check all the boxes and go ahead and answer YES, then if you wish, you can click on the link to open that ripped video using DVD Shrink.

Most commercial dvds are too large to burn directly to a recordable dvd disk. So you probably can’t go straight to a dvd with the files you have now. You might be able to if you want to use (expensive) dual layer disks, and your burner is capable of burning dual layer. If you go this route, I would rip the dvd to the hard drive again, but this time have Decrypter output to an ISO file, then burn the ISO with Decrypter or ImgBurn, which is an update to the buring engine in Decrypter. Also, if you go with DL disks, only buy Verbatim brand. That is very important, as they are the only reliable DL disks widely available.

Most people choose to reduce the size of their video so they can put it onto a regular dvdr. There are many ways to do this, including Nero Recode, which is included with your Nero 6 Ultra edition. Other choices include a free program called DVDShrink, and CloneDVD which is not free.
Look through the guides for DVDShrink at

Once you have the files reduced to the size you want, you can burn them with Nero. Try burning a DVD Video in Nero Burning Rom. Or you can have DVDShrink output to an ISO and burn with Decrypter or ImgBurn.

As for playing the files on your computer, you’ll need a program with a dvd decoder. PowerDVD and WinDVD are two of the most popular commercial programs. VLC is a free program that can play dvds, but I’m not particularly fond of it myself.

And as a final, confusing option, if you want the very best quality copies from your dvds, you may want to look at a program called DVDRebuilder. There is a free version, with an excellent quality mpeg encoder included called HC. This process is much longer than using Recode or DVDShrink, so I usually let it encode overnight. Since you are just starting out, you might want to start with DVDShrink, but I thought you might want to be aware of a different way of doing this.

Also, if you run into a dvd that can’t be ripped to the hard drive by DVDDecrypter, use RipIt4Me. This is a free program that combines Decrypter, Shrink and FixVts and will decrypt the newer dvds that have more advanced protection schemes.

And if that didn’t overload you with new information I’m sure we can pile some more onto you. Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Edit: Nevermind what I wrote, it’s already been adequately explained above - too slow! :wink:

Here’s some guides:

You have every thing you need to perform your task may be adding DVDShrink also helps since DVDShrink rip, encode and shrink the movie file in to your hard drive and then bring Nero on board automatically to burn the ripped file.

Dvd decrypter is not updated anymore and thus cant handle newer protection, such as those found on many Sony (Columbia) and Disney movies.
For these, you will need newer decrypters to decrypt movie to your Hard drive.
Two [B]free[/B] programs are:
DVDfab decrypter, gotten at:
You may find Fab easier to use, although i prefer ri4m.

Once youve used these programs to decrypt movie to your HD,
use DVDShrink to compress,
Nero to burn to blank DVD.