Begging for help, pls! my 451 won't burn no matter what!

Oh I have reached the end of my rope! Anyone with experienced advice please give me a hand.

Here’s my background, if it helps any. This is my 4th LTW.

The 1st 411 was bad, returned & confirmed defective.

The 2nd worked fine for 2 weeks, I burned all sorts of DVD’s (4x and 2x) and Cd’s. Then, suddenly stopped working (no disc spin-up). Returned and confirmed defective.

The 3rd functioned normally, but would not burn! I tried everything I read on this forum - ASPII drivers from 4.6 to 4.7 and back, upgraded firmware, uninstalling software, but no results.
I returned the unit thinking it was defective, but was told it was not.

Now the 4th unit is a 451, and I am having the same situation as the 3rd 411 - fully functioning except for burning! I have not tried to burn CD’s, only DVD’s at 4x media. The media is Memorex, but also fails with the sample provided with the unit (I would expect that media to me compatible.)

Sorry to write so much, if you’ve read this far, here’s the bottom line - I don’t know what else to do to get this unit to burn.

Any help would be appreciated. Here are my specs
AMD XP 1800 (1.5 GHz)
Via KR7A MoBo w/latest drivers
512 Meg DDR
80 Gig HDD w/OS, 160 Gig & 40 Gig storage
Win XP Pro SP1
G-Force TI4800

Did I leave anything out? Again, please help a desperate soul.

try installing the drive in a friends’ computer, see if it burns there, if so, then you may have something inherent wrong with your comp setup.

Try uninstalling your IDE controller then letting Windows install its driver.
If that doesn’t work, then uninstall it again and install the latest driver supplied by your motherboard manufacturer.
In both cases make sure DMA is enabled.
How is the drive attached and configured?
As a last resort you might have to consider reinstalling Windows - that can work wonders.


Thanks for your help. I did as you said, and it worked! That is, I ununstalled the IDE channel (secondary). Windows took a while but finally found something was missing and reinstalled it. That did it, I can burn now! :bigsmile:

But… now the primary IDE reports errors in device manager - specifically, I/O IRQ range conflicts! But everything seems to be running normally, no hangs or lack of access to HD etc. I actually got brave/stupid and tried the uninstall on the primary IDE (!) but after a few bad boots, windows came back, and the conflicts remained.

So any advice about this? But I really have to thank you for up until now, I was at my wits end, and just being able burn again has me feeling a lot better.

More specs: the drive is on secondary master, w/no slave attached. I also have a RAID setup that I use to run a third HD (no array or anything fancy, just simple access - it has never been a problem before). Actually it seems that the I/Q conflict might have something to do with that because it mentions RAID in the error message.

Good to hear.
The error message suggests you have a hardware conflict, with two devices trying to share the same IRQ unsuccessfully.
What version Windows and have you added any other hardware lately?

I run Win XP Pro SP1, and the conflict seems to be with the RAID controller. I might have to disable RAID in BIOS, then delete the Primary IDE and let windows find it again, then reenable raid and see if they conflict. the conflict message mentions the RAID controller. but I have never had an IRQ conflict before so I have no experience in troubleshooting it. I just hope I can get it back to what it was and still keep the ability to burn!

Give this article a read. It should help you out. :smiley:

I just did a (shudder) repair install of win xp. Kinda felt like kirk on the enterprise letting the ship’s computer do some complicated automated task! but, it seems to have come out ok. i must say i have new respect for M$ - Win98 would NEVER have been able to do such a thing. anyway, any more problems and I’ll be sure to ask for help! thanks so far, again.