Before installation help w/832s

Hi, i just now purchased a LiteOn SOHW-832s retail dvd burner off newegg and i am waiting for it to arrive. before i install the drive i have some questions about being prepared before installing it. I am currently running Windows XP pro, 3.06ghz, 1gig ram ddr, geforce fx5200 w/ dvd rom & cd burner. I am planning to take out the cd burner and replace that with the dvd burner. How should i set up the dvd burner? Im kind of confused about the part of DMA for the drive or something. would a 250 watt power supply be able to handle the dvd burner? which software should i use (burning games, dvd’s, data, etc.)any other things i need to know?

thanks :confused: 1st dvd burner

Gosh, what a system. My 832S works fine in my P3-1.2 GHz with only 384 MB of RAM and a 120 W power supply. :stuck_out_tongue: Just plug the thing in, make sure that it’s set to DMA mode (except in some special circumstances, it will just default to DMA and you won’t have to worry).

And any burning app would work. I personally like Nero and DVD Decrypter (free). Others prefer Sonic. Whatever works for you…

remove old, put new (same jumper setting) and it is done… DMA was automatically set on my machine.
but REMEMBER: remove old cd/dvd media from old drive, or you’ll be looking for it for hours before remembering it was in the old drive :wink:

didn’t you have 451@832? or did you get a real 832?

Never owned a real 832S. Typing 451S@832S gets tiresome, so I just say 832S. :stuck_out_tongue: