Before I take an ax to my system I am here for some help please

I am running and AMD 1.4G 512DDR system and I have a TDK 40X burner and I am having two problems that are getting me pissed and even though I am very good at system problems I think I am suffering from vapor lock of the brain so I am here for help…
Problem one is that this drive can’t copy CDs on the fly for sht… 12 -14 minutes on average. I have tried it as a slave-master-cable select- I have also added an ATA 100 card and connected it to that but the FKing thing still won’t burn on the fly for sht!!! I have also removed any ghosted drives, reinstalled the aspi layers, removed and reinstalled the software…Nero and FireBurner.
Problem two is that whenever I engage one of the aforementioned programs my Logitech Cordless Optical mouse goes ape-shit. And sometimes it disconnects altogether and I am forced to reboot in order to get the mouse back as clicking on it’s icon does nothing at all!

Any suggestions short of drop kicking it out the window would be greatly appreciated!!


Problem One

What reader are you using? Is it in DMA or PIO mode?

Problem Two

Looks like you are operating in PIO mode rather than DMA.

Try enabling DMA where possible. And perhaps you could post more details about your config :slight_smile:

Both drives are in DMA mode I have checked that also and the read drive is a Pioneer DVD-116. Thanks for any and all help.


Since your DVD supports only UDMA 66, the ATA100 card is unlikely to make a difference.

Are the burner and DVD on the same IDE channel? Are you caching any files before you start burning (Yeah, I know you said “on the fly” - just in case…)? Do you have “simulation” on? Check for DMA conflicts, esp if you have installed new hardware recently.

With my current pc (see below), the Pioneer 16x DVD is on Secondary Master (UDMA 4) and the Plextor 24x is on Secondary Slave (UDMA 2), because of how Parallet ATA would should the lowest setting of the two as the default, both of my device are then on UDMA 2, or 33 mb/s. When I burn on the fly a normal data cd with CloneCD, it would usually show an average speed of 12x to 14x, so that’s like 6mins for a 80min cd, and underburnrun protection would be used every 15 secs.

You see, for Parallet ATA data is not constant, instead its burst. Imagine a message tub where only one message can be in it at one time, the same goes for a Parallel ATA, for an on-the-fly copy between Secondary Master and Slave, the DVD would first send a burst of data down to the motherboard, then the cable (transmission lane) would be cleared, and the motherboard would send a burst up to the CDRW, its the wait that causes all this problem, since a CDRW only has so much internal buffer, mine is 4MB, during the wait from the last burst from the motherboard to the next one, it needs to rely on the data it has stored in its buffer, so when it runs out before the next burst comes it must pause, dramatically slowing the burning proccess.

My suggestion is first update your chipset, whether Intel or VIA, Intel I think has that Application Accelerator and VIA has just updated its drivers to 4.40. Next if you really (and I mean desperately) need on-the-fly copy, move your DVD-ROM to primary slave so that the source and destination for the copy aren’t on the same cable, thus no wait between bursts. Also, I tried this a bit when I got a lil frustrated with my own two devices, lower the max read and burn speed, the burn speed is obviously more important, I lowered it to 12x, cause I really don’t like how it keeps on using underbufferrun protection, it works for my Plextor, 16x also works I think. Definitely an improvement over your over 10min burn.

Hope this helps

yea…its most likely that they are hooked to the same ide chain. 99% sure, as i just opened mine up the other day and changed it, resulting in nero allowing me to on-the-fly at 20x instaed of the 12x i’d been limited to.

If it’s music or other mode 2 discs you are trying to copy you need a faster reader than the pioneer as it only reads data at full speed.

You need a Lite-On LTD-163 or similar for that :bigsmile:

Also check out my FAQ in the Lite-On forum…there is a lot of useful hints there.

Thanks I will look into your tips and I have tried it on an add-in ATA-100 card but that didn’t help either.


New cables won’t help. All you can do is either tweak with your software settings, or get the two drives on different cables. But you gotta remember, for every cable, the lowest speed on that cable will be the default speed. So if you put your HDD and DVD drive on the same cable, your HDD having UDMA 5 (ATA 100) and your DVD drive having UDMA 4 (ATA 66), both device will then only be operating at UDMA 4, so then you lose some perform from your Hard Disk Drive. Same for your other cable.


Yeah I know all about it going to the slowest devices speed that’s why I won’t put it with the HD. I am thinking of just getting a new Lite On. Becuase this is pissing me off. I do however appreciate everyone’s assistance and if anyone has any other ideas please let me know.