Before I register my CloneDVD2



I just wanted some advice as for $59 it is a bit pricey (though certainly a lot more utility than a video game for just a few bucks more). It’s worked very well, though it did have an issue or 2 with this cheap Wally-World media (it has worked perfectly with another also cheap Made in Taiwan media, what did we learn?). I’m burning in under 20 minutes, which seems fast but I am still a novice. Before I commit, does anyone have an opinion as to if I should purchase a license? I’ve only tried one other DVD cloning software (321 Studios) which was vastly inferior.


Personally I own the 3 products from Slysoft/Elby and I have never experienced a company with such great product support. I had a problem backing up a DVD and they posted a new version of AnyDVD the same day - on a Saturday afternoon!! If you look through the formus some people have a problem with thier product keys - I have never had this problem (touch wood) - but if you do have a problem with CloneDVD 2 - remember that Olie is on these forums and is extremley helpful!!

Well thats my 2 cents anyway.

p.s. Look at and you won’t pay $59 anyway!!


Thanks for the advice. It lists me as $29.50 for AnyDVD and CloneDVD each when bundled or $39 for just CloneDVD. I think I will go ahead and purchase the license, the software certainly has been good to me so far. Thanks again for the help!