Before download regulation? was there such a thing?

Hey guys

Im having a debate here, could you please clear a few things up for me? Id be very grateful. Thanks in advance! …

My friend (and before you say anything, yes it IS a friend, not me) reckons that he downloaded his 7000 or so (copyrighted) music tracks from kazaa “before legal documentation came in” regarding matters of the legality of these downloads. This, according to him, means that he legally downloaded the tracks as there was no law telling him otherwise.

What I wondered was…

  1. Is this true? did downloading copyrighted material for free used to be allowed? Or is he trying to make excuses?

  2. If this is the case, are the tracks he downloaded “ages ago” legal now?



he’s wrong. you cant claim copyright only applies when its being enforced in a court.

illegal and no matter how you dress it up, it still stays that way.

Hope you won something in your bet :wink: