Before burning ISO files, should I defragment the hard drive first?

I’m planning to backup several of my movies and PS2 DVD games, so first I put them as ISO files in my hard drives (created with DVD Devrypter).

But I wonder, does it make a difference if I defragment my HD (the partitions that I put the ISO files) before burning them with ImgBurn, or I could just burn them as it is?

i would say unless your PC’s hard drive is quite slow… you can just burn the ISO files.

but if your ISO files are really fragmented it cant hurt to do a defrag before burning.

If I understand you correctly, you already have the iso’s on your hard drive, yes? I don’t see that it would make any difference if you defrag now but it’s entirely up to you.

As long as you defragged before getting them to your hard drive, you should be good to go. If you are keeping them on your hard drive, then defrag. If you are getting rid of them immediately after burning, then defrag after deletion.

thanks for your replies, guys :slight_smile:

I put my input also. It’s always good to degrag weekly if possible and or monthly depending how often you install and delete programs or data from your HDD. And if you do make iso images always first Defrag then create the ISO to the HDD so that you will eliminate unforeseen problems burning back from ISO to cd/dvd media.