Beethoven symphony #6 free download available from BBC

I just posted the article Beethoven symphony #6 free download available from BBC.

itchy used our news submit to tell us that the next installment of symphonies performed by the BBC Philharmonic under Gianandrea Noseda are now being offered as free music…

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bloody rip off it should be at least lossless 192kHz/24bit :S

Waste of bandwidth. 5 min of comments + applods, and all mic recorded from the audience in 128 kbps. Crooks :frowning:

How can something that is FREE be a “bloody rip off” from “Crooks”? Some folks need to get a life…

Unfortunately, it can be. e.g. when somebody you trust (like BBC) gives you a candy out of their goodness and love to you and it tastes like made of crap. Thank you, BBC (whom i refered to as crooks) Cheers

Guys just put in your feedback on the BBC page that it is a great idea but then add your thoughts! It would be cool if they listened and surely others are reacting with their thoughts as well. This type program is nice to try and build on.

128 kbps? Ludwig must be turning in his grave :X

I fully agree with the initial poster - what a BLOODY RIP-OFF ! Nothing more than a publicity stunt to get you to visit their website - When is it that you bloody tosspots (BBC) understand that 128kbit sucks dirty bollocks. If you are going to offer something free at least make it right you bloody arse bandits or don’t offer it, period, but shoving some 128kbit CRAP which is mostly commentary and not the real, fully symphony, I’ll pass. Thank you for wasting my bandwidth you tossers! Thanks BBC for making me realise what true wankers you are and now I will actually go and buy the CD and never download your puny little rubbish anymore. Cheers, :slight_smile:

Stinks, had a look at some beethoven music, stay away from it, it’s not even worth the time looking at it, useless looking for quality music, just stinks:r

192kHz/24bit??? please get a reality check,please:d

BBC = Big Brother’s Cousin JK, but it is getting too big for it’s own good. It is difficult to trust the mainstream or large news network, since they may be manipulated by other less considerate means. Damn sneer language, who taught me that. Once you grow, you want to keep growing. Why cant you just enjoy where you are?

Thanks for the FREE link itchy and cdfreaks :S (Some are NEVER happy. Sad thing :B )

Now days you can get a classical music cd real cheap.

yes thank you ever heard DVD-Audio?

DVD-Audio uses PCM at up to 96 kHz (192kHz for stereo) sample rate and up to 24 bits per sample.