Just put together a new systym
P4 2.66 processor
Gigabyte GA-8Ik1100 mobo
2 x 256 DDR pc 2700 ram
128 G-Force 4 ti 4200 8x vidio
creative sound blaster live 5.1 audio
30g 100 ata primary master
dvd rom primary slave
burner secondary slave
serial ata 120g hdd as 3rd master
when I enable fan stop alarm in bios I get a constant short beep
If I disable it , it goes away however when I start playing games it comes back on but not always straight away
I am also getting a static noise every now and again coming through my speakers in gaming
The book says that constant short beeps is a power error
:bow: PLEASE HELP:bow:

thanks any way guys but I fixed it the fan stop alarm was the smart fan systym setting it off due to the change in speeds, the alarm in gaming was the processor temp alarm set to low,and the static was bf1942 road to rome without the patch.
Thanks for your time