Beep beep when playing Nero Recode Digital Dvd

Need help, using Nero 7 Ultra Edition, transferring collection to Nero digital image. I’m getting a noise on playback of data disc in my stand alone Avayon dvd player. Does anyone no how to get rid of this noise. If I play the disc on the computer you do not get this noise.

Thanks for any help

What content is in this collection?

standard movies, roomate copied some adult movies that I burned off but not getting the noise with the adult movies. It is coming out the audio signal.

Ah, mixed content on a Data DVD then?!
Never heard of such a problem.

But you may try with other media, burned at a slower speed.

Ive tried just about every media I can think of. Is it possible they have some form of copy protection on the dvd player. Plays all other forms fine divx, etc.

Nope, more likely they are encoded in a way/form the player doesn’t like very much?!?

I think maybe your player has something wrong with MP4 containers and AAC streams. See whether encoding in LC-AAC is okay compared to the HE-AAC that nero uses most of the time.