Been using clone DVD for a couple of years with great results but recently all my latest copies freeze towards the end of the movie. Could it be my blank DVDs? I'm using the latest version

[qanda]This thread is about the Creative DVD±RW Dual 16x. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]

Yes it could be your discs also try lowering the burn speed to 8x or 4x and try again.

also, instead of using size DVD-5, try using custom and setting it at 4400.

also use good quality media

This is a known phenomenon. Usually caused by a medium that is not really “liked” by your burner (or a bad quality media in general).

Burning at max speed can cause such problem as well. So, as was adviced, burn at 8x (it should be enough).

For reliable media visit the threads here dealing with this issue.

I have encountered this problem. It can be media or that your burner is getting old. Try burning a data DVD-R W if it fails change your burner, they are cheap!!