Been out of the loop

There was a time when I stayed abreast with dvd/cd burners but once SSDs hit the mainstream and HDD prices/capacities got sweet I was forever distracted. To give you an idea, the last time I checked the cdfreaks forum was back when NEC was the top dog…now they’re not even in the game anymore…lol
Atm my current burner a LiteOn iHAS324-A is acting up. When I press the eject button and can hear it ‘try’ to open…I press it again and it opens right up instantly. Long story short, I’m ready to replace it and am wanting to know which brand/model is the top dog atm. 90 percent of my burning is data DVDs and tho my drive supports it, I don’t use lightscribe. Was browsing thru NewEggs seclections an noticed that the Asus burners are selling like mad with good marks too. I doubt they manufacture their own…wondering who does. Another area I’m out of date on is the best quality affordable blank dvd+r discs. A couple of years ago Ri-Data held that position. I know the top of the line are prolly still the TY discs but they’re a bit more than I’m willing to spend. I do keep a few around for mission critical burns like OSes, boot/rescue discs and important personal info and burn them at 4x for best quality.
So…which burner(s) are top dog atm and what blanks are considered the best for quality everyday use. Tia…:wink:

Ridata? Ugh.

If I were going to buy one of the current dvd drives, I’d look for the 24x Samsung (which is getting hard to find) or one of the Sony Optiarc models, like the 7260 series. has the Sammie:

And it is also available through Amazon:

The Optiarcs are available virtually everywhere, including Newegg.

The standard reply for good optical disks is TY or Verbatim. Look for AZO on the label of the Verbatim disks and don’t buy their new “Life Series” variety. By the way, with modern drives and 16x media, you should burn at 8x, maybe 12x to get optimal results.

A third choice on blank dvds would be the Falcon brand media, made by FTI. You can find some at supermediastore.

Very good…big thx for the update. :wink: