Been here 2 days .....45 posts

now what does that say about me…yeah i know i’m loquacious …thats just me …i talk and talk and talk… ask my friends…i’m on the cell phone , home phone or just talking on the computer to someone almost all the time…

we have imposed posting limits on at least one member already… :wink:

So I am not going to comment any further, other than by saying that you have me posting far more often than I usually do… (I’ll leave it up to others to decide whether this is a good or a bad thing)… :wink:

But you apparently enjoy your time here, which is good…it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :wink:

It never gave you a warm fuzzy feeling when I posted to much :frowning:

ben , you’re not a foxy gal like Sexy_Southerner :stuck_out_tongue:

lol @Ben hehee no one can ever replace you thou we lubs you in a funny way;)

How many posts did you make in 2 days again?
But let us not get into that…that has been discussed and we agreed to some rules in this respect and you behave well now.

And…what cerberus said…you’re not as sexy as she is (yes, I am only (hu)man…so sue me :wink: )

ben , we like you also
no need to be jealous

@hello norty:bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:

ello cerb:p

ello blondie :wink:

blondie :confused:,
I thought it normally went

Norty69er: ello cerb :stuck_out_tongue:
cerberus: hello norty

he’s helloing you ben :Z :stuck_out_tongue:
you are blondie right?

Yes :wink:

Posting limits??? ohh my…that wasn’t listed in the rules…so maybe i should …hush my mouth for a while?? I sure don’t want to offend anyone :sad:

You’ll get a fair warning if this is the case…so far I had no complaints and thus see no reason to impose them on you…I rather impose some other things on you wink

Nah, but lots of stuff is frowned upon that isnt in the rules, the rules are a minimum.

humm sounds like the Rules thread needs re-vamping …

and Tax man…good thing your across the pond from me…or i’d impose something on ya as well

actually i have a confession to make…im no longer blonde :cool: i dyed my hair its a reddish brown now and im told it looks far better, :stuck_out_tongue:

i love redhair :S
you are a bad girl norty

But don’t forget that we do allow exceptions to the rule (some rules at least)…we want to keep this a happy place for all, which often means we (I) have to be tough, but sometimes go a long way to mediate in such a way we can keep as many people happy as possible (all people is plain impossible) and in most cases you can talk to the crew if something bothers you, so we can try to resolve things…

Total freedom leads to anarchy…and we can have that here :cop:


Now you got me wondering…should I be scared or excited…or both? :wink:

Better go to bed now…have to go to work again in the morning…but I don’t want to…but I have to…I want to stay here…no I really shouldn’t…I must…