Been away for awhile and need some advice

Hi there

Been absent from this board for what seems a very long time and am completely out of touch with the latest updates…sooooo many posts to read LOL

Anyway, I’m using a NEC 2500a v1.08 (firmware) and just wanted to know what the latest update for this drive is and ask if I can simply use one of the modded 25xx firmware updates simply to update my drive.

I did attempt to use the 2510_2.F9_RPC+RL, which gave me some errors whilst flashing (is that normal?) but it ripped a DVD a whole lot faster ie 11x and seemed to burn a DVDRW disc which played back on my pc.

As always your help would be appreciated.

chrome :slight_smile:

Hm, the error that you got flashing seems a bit weird. Is the drive in an external case by chance? I honestly am still using Herrie’s 107v2b4 firmware. It works like a dream even in this day and age and gives me the ability to burn off my CMC Magnetic F01’s at 8x with great results so I’m perfectly pleased with it. You can find all the modified firmwares and originals alike at:

Phew, almost forgot to post this, getting side-tracked, phone doesn’t stop ringing! LOL

Hi there

Thanks for the info and link to the firmware!!

The drive is an internal one and I’m sure I saw some error messages when flashing but it burnt the disc and read better than before with the 2510 firmware. BTW I can use this in my 2500a drive?

Given that there are so many updates since I last came here, I couldn’t even find the one your using…or am I misreading?


LOL, I can’t beleive I actually wrote two tutorials here for this forum, I feel like a newbie all over again :slight_smile:

You’ve got mail. Check your PM’s. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, message returned with an explanation.


BTW I tried the Flash GUI again and it did work, weird!!

Glad it worked! Sounds like you are good to go now. You can also use BinFlash to set the booktype on +R and +RW discs to DVD-Rom if need be. :bigsmile:

Hey there Chrome; just wanted to say hey, as I’ve also been away like forever it seems, AND I actually used your tutorial on flashing to flash to Herrie’s v2b4!!!LOL

Anyways, I also am still with that fw and pleased enuff like Braxas said. But am itching to improve over v2b4…so what FW did you select after all from michele dober’s web site?? :bow:

Did the error say “please restart your computer?” :stuck_out_tongue:

ROFL @ Wes

I’ve been sitting staring at my monitor for ages…waiting for pc to reboot…no-one told me I had to manually restart to let the changes take place LOL

@mdl3r1 regarding the firmware I tried out this one:

2510_2.F9_RPC+RL (simply as it looked like the most updated on the site)

Made a few test burns and realised firstly that it seems to read DVD’s a lot faster for ripping ie 10.8x where as the previous firmware I had (Herrie’s Beta v?) seem to max out at 8/9x, downside was that it restricted the burn speed of DataWrite (Princo?) discs which I had to hand at 4x where as the previous firmware went up to 6x.

My main reason for updating is to run a program that allows me to burn 10hrs of video onto a DVDR (forgot the name…not very helpful I know LOL). I appreciate that the end result will be compressed but I wanted to ensure that I got a good burn so it should playback better on different standalone players.

Hope that makes sense…if not…I think they released me a bit too soon!!!

chrome :iagree:

released you? :o

Darn… I hate beta versions too!. :bigsmile: