Been a long time need help on new dvd compressors which are best

hi all i ahve been using dvdshrink for a long time and was woundering is there a better program out than this i dont mind paying if its better at compresion quality.

what would you say blows dvd shrink out the water
what would you say that is slighty better than dvdshrink

or is dvdshrink still the top dog after all these years has no on improved on the compresion methods.

thanks for any help

I personally still use DVD Shrink. However, the author of Shrink is now working for Nero so I would imagine that Nero Recode would probably be an improvement over Shrink.

A pretty reasonably priced app is DVD Rebuilder Pro. JDobbs provides regular updates. Come with several encoders (HC is one). This package does 2 pass encoding, not transcoding like shrink. Much better results when viewed on a HDTV:


Yes, definitely DVD Rebuilder. Go PRO and you will never look back. With the encoders it has, it is the best compresser on the market at the moment. Especially with the new bitrate re-distribution feature.

so what is the best encoder to use with DVD Rebuilder Pro CCE or HC or other do these encoders come with it or do you have to them extra ??? what would you recomend


Still using Shrink, and see no reason to change. The real trick is to avoid compression as much as possible. The only real differences in compression engines is in how they deal with heavy compression, which you should be avoiding anyhow.

I recommend HC encoder. But it supports a few. Some you have to pay for, others are free. But if I were installing it on a friend computer, I would use HC encoder.

so is the nero version of dvdshrink better than the old dvdshrink ??? for quality

No. Shrink actually has more available quality settings. (more control over the output)

DVD Rebuilder Pro is a superb program and I’d highly recommend it.

HC is free and comes with DVD Rebuilder. CCE you have to pay for.

When it comes to quality they’re pretty close and I’d regard them as probably the best encoders available.

Try either of these on a difficult source that requires a lot of compression and you’ll notice a massive increase in quality compared to DVD Shrink.

On single processor systems CCE is much faster but on dual core processor systems I’m told that HC is almost as fast.