Beefing up my collection

Hi all, I’m putting a new computer together relatively soon and rather than move my current drives out of this computer, I decided I’d get more… of course!

So I’ve been looking at a used Plextor PX-760A that I think I’m gonna buy. I’ve heard good things about its audio extraction capabilities, and I’ve been seeing some very nice scans around the forums of TY DVD+R burns with it. Any other comments pro/con are welcome.

Secondly, I was thinking of adding a Lite-On to the collection. This would probably be more for scanning. DVD scanning in particular. Please recommend me a few, old or new, IDE or SATA, Lite-On DVD+/-RW drives that are good for scanning that I can keep an eye out for.


The 760 is a good drive - as for the LiteOn I like the LabelTag capability of the iHAS524, but it does need a little bit of work on the firmware side. You’d have to get a BenQ for CD scanning, but I’m guessing you knew that already. :slight_smile: If you want to get a new drive dedicated to burning DVDs, an Optiarc AD-7240A/S is quite good (and can burn CDs much better than other “recent” drives) as well as a Pioneer DVR-117/217.

Happy shopping :slight_smile:

I have a BenQ DW1640 already which seems to do a fine job at scanning CDs, and I have a Pioneer DVR-111L which satisfies most of my burning needs. The Plextor PX-760A will help out where it can, and probably with DAE from what I’ve been hearing.

LiteOns seem to be a little harder to find than I thought. I guess I’m not dead-set on getting a LiteOn specifically, but I have kind of been wanting to try one out. If I don’t end up finding a decent LiteOn, I guess I’m looking for a scanner to complement my DW1640.

I did some searching around and I found a used Sony DW-G120A which I believe I can crossflash to a LiteOn SHW-165P6S. So, if I have the choice between the DW-G120A, the 18A1/20A1 series, and the newer ones, which would I be better off with for a DVD scanner?