Bedtime Stories Fails as Well

I don’t mean to be redundant with this post if it has already been discovered and discussed, I just wanted to report that in addition to the movie Doubt (showing 7% on DVD5) and needing special handling to rip #43, the movie Bedtime Stories (disney one showing 9% on DVD5) and suggests that it is suffering from the same protection used in Doubt.

Since Fengtao already stated the IFOs were received for Doubt and they have begun working on the a new release to cover this, I wanted to put this out here as well and offer to provide the IFO files for this movie as well if necessary. Just let me know. Thanks.

Bedtime stories will burn , but the chapters are not in the correct order. I too came here looking for help with this title. Is there a way to put the chapters in order?

I know there is a way to manually rip it and put it in order using customize to grab the right one but that has been shown to not be “foolproof” but it has worked with Doubt, I’m going to wait for the update, just was hoping this would aid them with more instance information.

I am trying to burn using chapter 9 as I type. I read to try seeing the actual time of the movie and use that chapter. 1:39:12 was the time and chapter 9 and 23 matched. If it works I will let you and everyone else know. And if it doesnt I will report it aslo :slight_smile:

Nope no luck. I tried, I will wait for the update.

I dont give up easy. I tried chapter 23 and it appears to have worked. The opening credits and ending are in the right place. I am going to watch it later. I skipped through the chapters. It appears correct.

Your efforts are admirable and if you figure it out, I am sure it will make some people happy :slight_smile: but for those of us willing to wait, we’ll let them figure it out :wink: Good luck.

Yep choose 23 and you are good to go. Just watched it for a 2nd time.

hey guys,
have recently purchased dvd fab platnium. My attempt with beta did not work. Tried again bedtime stories as backup. My dvd fab pops up saying that some parts of dvd can not be read try main movie or customize. So you i hit ok anyhow and dvd is read but only goes to 7.39 %. any ideas.

ripvan, please try the latest beta, the final version is outdated already.

Mr.666 try it with PP disabled as that is what I had to do with Doubt to get it to copy

I used and had no trouble with this movie,region 1 with PP always enabled.

Downloaded trial version of dvd fab and still get same issue will not read dvd says some parts of dvd can not be read. Also what is main difference between and I read the update and seemed to cater more to blu ray. I saw no mention of css copy right updates? Also Ripping movies. IMGBRN or VSO what should I use I was hoping to set up everything and be able to have an easy set up when i want to back up my dvd’s.

You have to use AnyDVD and DVDFab together. I had the same problem with Doubt then I tried em together and it worked.

What do you mean run both? I usually shut down ANYDVD so DVDFAB works poperly. Can not get bedtime stories to open. Stuck, I’ve tried to change PP, no luck.

I used the latest version of DVD fab the beta verion, and used section 23 , and made a back up copy using the main movie only. No other languages or subtitles.

OKAY wait a minute,
This is the part where I get lost.

  1. Why and How do I use any dvd and dvd fab. Why is it better.

  2. How do you copy chapter 23, I am sorry for being so new, Just need some time to catch up with the rest of you. LOL.

Dear all,

I’m still waiting for my “bedtime stories” disc, when I get it, we will check it and add support very soon.

For now, please try DVDFab 5321 Beta to see the result:


Best Regards,

Thank you, I will try it.

[quote=fengtao;2256687]Dear all,

I’m still waiting for my “bedtime stories” disc, when I get it, we will check it and add support very soon.

For now, please try DVDFab 5321 Beta to see the result:


Best Regards,

Will download and try this one but the didn’t even run, hopefully this one will. As for the disc, I have it and I can send you what you need, I am assuming the IFO files? Not sure but let me know.

I had no problems backing this up using the latest full version of DVDFab Platinum. My cousins watched it and said they liked it.