Become l33t, read: Internet Piracy Exposed

I just posted the article Become l33t, read: Internet Piracy Exposed.

If you want to become a l33t w4r3z d00d you will need to run to the store and get yourself a book by Sybex. In this book all important issues are covered.

The book covers subjects like how…

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a l33t w4r3z d00d ?? huh? :r

Oh my god!:r

Bet its the same BS like Hackers Blackbook :r

what they call l33t these days, have to agree this is :r

…Use Wrapster to create archive files disguised as MP3 files for transfer via Napster and audioGnome. Screw Wrapster it is buggy and the files get corrupt easily. I use Winzip or Winace to disquise files as mp3. It’s so easy! Instead of the output file being .zip or .ace change it to .mp3 before compressing it. This works on Audio Galaxy and Kazaa, but I haven’t tried it with Napster(it’s dead) or any others tho. :d


how can you be a l33t w4r3z d00d if you use napster??? :4

Griner lige min røv i laser :4 think i´ll read this again when i wake up tomorrow, there´s nothing like a good laugh in the morning :+

Learn why the pro pirates use NetMeeting and Hotline’”and use these tools yourself - LMFAO :4

Lame… book

“Transfer files via e-mail, newsgroups, FTP sites, direct connections, and physical media.” Does the book mention how to avoid physical media from beeing broken in the mail??? Talking airmail here…the l33t way to transfer! :stuck_out_tongue: ROFL

I get a kick out of books like this… walk into the book store and pick up it, read a few pages and laugh my ass all the way home. :slight_smile: