Because of my NEC 3540A or my blank dvd?

my DVD is not top quality dvd but my friends burn this type of dvd without any problem.But when i burn my game to dvd ,i can hardly use it once again.Error occurs when i install game and my NEC 3540A often can read some dvdz and it freeze my brun speed is always 2x .Do you think it’s good burn speed for my dvd ?
Which firware version should i use ?
I’ ve not flash firmware.Please show me the way to make my dvd burner work smoothly.thank in advance.

You should make sure that DMA is enabled for all drives, especially for your dvd burner.

Surely your friends have other burner models and other media, right?!

let me check .i enabled DMA .i will try to burn a game dvd to test.thank you for your reply