"Because I Said So"

I use DVD Shrink with Any DVD running in the background to rip a DVD to a folder on my H/D. Then I’ll burn with Clone DVD2 to TY 8X DVD-R media. I have enjoyed 100% success, backing up my library, using this method.
I am sure that there are other methods that are equally successful, but I stick with what works for me.
Then I ran into this title.
Shrink will do the analyze successfully, and will allow me to delete unwanted features if I so desire, but when the backup is started, that’s when it gets weird.
The only file on the DVD that will rip to the folder is the logo of the company that did the production copy of the disk.
Because I walked away from the PC after I started the rip, I lost track of the amount of time the rip took. Two hours later, I wound up with about 10 gig of this logo fading in and out.
As a go-around, I was able to rip the whole disk sucessfully, using the Any DVD rip function first, and then using DVD Shrink.
As a reality check, I tried this on another PC, that has a Toshiba DVD reader in it and got the same result.
Has anybody out there ever had this happen.

As I do not have Any Dvd, I have not had this problem but this movie should not be a problem b/c it is easily backed up with dvdfab.

DVDShrink w/AnyDVD absolutely had no problems with this title for me. Possibly a faulty original DVD. I would recommend that maybe you get an exchange copy for it… :slight_smile: