Beatman mini cd/mp3 player

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Freecom introduces a mini CD/MP3 player. It’s small, low weight and looks nice. It is not using normal cd’s but small-size cd’s (8 cm). U can burn up to 210 minutes (185 MB) of music on one mini…

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It looks like a pretty sweet unit. Glad to see they put some effort into the design. I’m gonna keep my eyes open for this when it comes out. Functionality is important but looks are just as important - just like with women !! :slight_smile:

I agree. If the player doesn’t look nice, but has great functions I probably don’t buy it.

Anyone know of a good place to get those cute little cds?

The unit looks good, but I wonder what the sound quality will be like. Though I do like the idea of using 8cm CDR’s.

Back in 1985 I thought the 8cm disc was the answer to the beloved 45 r.p.m. record. I loved it. I have Frank Zappa, Classical & lot of Beatles 8cm Discs. Then they disappeared. (I even have the adapter). Now they are returning in the form of Cdr. Can you imagine buying a music video in the store for say $5 in DivX;-) on one of these. They are ever so cool - but **they are TOO expensive - They should be less than the cheapest 5" Cdr; not more $!!

Nice and cool player. But hey, the 8cm CDRs have been around since last year! (Not new any more). The computer fairs around UK sell them but not that cheap £1 per CD.

Once again somebody beat me to this idea. I just sent plans for this to SonicBlue a couple weeks back. I would prefer the shape to be more like sonicblue’s rio pmp 300. :wink: