Beatles label loses its trademark dispute over Apple Computer

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 Back in 1991,  Apple Computer had made a $30 million settlement with Apple Corps, with Apple  computer agreeing that they would never enter the music production  business.  This...
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A case of ‘Bad Apples’ methinks :d

Maybe they should try suing physicians. You know, over that whole “apple a day” thing…

Now this is the living end. Not only is Apple 1) a whiny, two-bit wannabe company specializing in suing the world over anything they fantasize that THEY invented 2) guilty of pandering overpriced proprietary conversation pieces that they pass off as computers 3) conning millions with badly engineered underfeatured, overpriced crap masquerading as digital audio players 4) pimping DRM-infested ripoff lossy content that they fleece rubes with in the form of digital downloads …BUT they have the unmitigated GALL to rip off the greatest band in the history of popular music and rob them of their trademark, a trademark invented while little Stevie Jobs was still prodigiously befouling his diapers (now he does the same commercially whenever he opens his mouth, as we can now see). They ripped off THE BEATLES!! And they have the CHUTZPAH to say that “maybe we can now offer their content” on that retroactive abortion known as iTunez! If I were the surviving members of the Fab Four, I’d have two words for Jobs and his band of trendy pop psychology sychophants and they’re NOT “Happy Birthday”. The shame of it all.

someone who needs to get a grip on life. A - its music (not life and death) B - its busines (not worth worrying about as they have their skirmishes al lthe time) C - Beatles as much they were good for their time, they are not depriving them of their “income” if you really give a rats a$$ about how many millions they make.

Alright, with all do respect, who cares about The Beatles? I don’t like Apple, neither one that is. But clearly the logo’s look completely different. Maybe we should ban apples all together? Should apples in my grociery store pay royalties, too? And to the guy above, The Beatles sued over the logo, not Apple Inc. What we see here is two mega billion companies squaring it off, so how does your whinning here do any good? And which company is bigger now anyway; - a company that is bound to simply die when no one listens to The Beatles anymore, -or a company that has brainwashed millions of people who are willing to buy their music. Either way, both apples are rotten.
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"with all do respect, who cares about The Beatles? " Spoken like the truly uneducated. Obviously you’ve never bothered to pay attention to how many artists, even the whiny little boy bands and emo garage hacks of today, who cite the Beatles as inspiration. And for many, music IS life and death. Art has a tendency to be that way to those who appreciate it.

Ok I was not going to get in this, but now I have been peeved. First off Music is life, with out it this planet would be a rotting cesspool. Music inspires and is pure emotion, this world was created on song, and the example of that is the voice of human and the song of bird. And now on to the Apple thing, For those Apple haters out there, enjoy your virus infected have to fix every second of the days PC’s. I am a dual user and Windows and Linux both suck, so one more apple bashing comment, and I hope you grow a wart. I vented and had my childish moment, and I am now one with nature! :(:p:B;)

You’re right, perhaps uneducated. I’ve got a Geography degree, not a music one. The boy bands you refer to probably just say that cause it’s the cool thing to do. It’s like quoting Freud or Nietzsche when you barely know anything about philosophy. What do Backstreet Boys have in common with The Beatles when they quote them as inspiration? But I do understand your point of view; I’m not a musician and music is mostly a background for me. It sounds like it is Life to you and great. You don’t like Apple and you’re probably and RIAA supporter. Fine. But the focus here should be that damn logo, and to me they look completely different. Besides the fact that they are both Apples of course. But like I said, does that mean all apples are to rotten cause of two companies?
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Well if you can own the word Windows, surely you can own the word Apple too. I don’t agree with all this nonsense and to say the consumer will get confused is insulting. But, if you think that you can’t push something like this, then you forgot how Microsoft made Lindows change their name to “Linspire” :r