Beating the dead horse

i am so lost in all this , i just want to image Call of Duty and Battle Field but it seems i dont have the right equipment i just bought a so called verbatim external 52x24x52 model #vbt522452x this installs as a light -on 52246s i am using alcahol 120 version that is what is listed in the properties anyway. I have also used a lite-on dvd burner model #ldw 401s . Basically i am wondering if my options are set wrong if i have bad hardware and software combo i cant get it str8 . i would appreciate any help . And alot of the post i read are very general please be as specific as you can thank you again.

Well if the model is a rebadged Liteon, you should be able to image(and burn) those images using Alcohol with the SafeDisc 2/3 profile and loading it onto Alcohol’s vitrual drive.
Tip : also download Alcoholer, it is a good program for a lot of beginners(and experts too). Battlefield 1942 is SafeDisc 2.8 BTW.

Basically i am wondering if my options are set wrong if i have bad hardware and software combo i cant get it str8

Your hardware and software combo are fine for the games you want to backup.


Thank you $CyBeRwIz$ i cant get the top version of alcoholer 4.1 to install all i see is the code when i click on it. What does it do .thank you agian for your help.

nevermind i am an idiot its an .rar file havent put my rar back in yet

Since your 52246S is a 2 sheep burner, make sure Bypass EFM Errors is unchecked when you go to make your image with Alcohol. I just backed up my Call of Duty with my LiteOn 411S used as the reader and writer and the backup even works in my Toshy 1402 readers.

what does 2 sheep mean

Originally posted by tbbh-teacher
what does 2 sheep mean

The sheep rating for burners comes from CloneCD which started the sheep rating after the first cloned sheep, Dolly, or something like that.

Anyhow, 2 sheep burners are said to be able to write the regular bit patterns correctly, and 1 sheep burners are able to write the regular bit patterns nearly correctly.

EFM stands for ‘Eight to Fourteen Modulation’. I think it’s some type of error reduction.

Anyhow, here’s a list of 2 sheep burners from AfterDawn. I think it’s been kept up to date, but there may be a more complete list out there too. This is the first one that I came across.

In other words, a 2 sheep burner can correctly copy newer versions of SafeDisc, whereas a 1 sheep burner may need emulation.

Ok, so if my cdrw is a 2 sheep writer, then can I still enable emulation or bypass efm errors and still get a working copy. I have a sony crx225e(not sure if it is a 1 or 2 sheep) and i’ve had trouble copying call of duty battlefield 1942. With call of duty, everything seems to work fine until i install the patch v1.2. It says that pak0.pk3 is not a vaild previous version. No clue what that means. Battlefield has 2 or 3 errors that pop up while installing from cd1. I used clonecd for both of these. MOHAA and its expansion spear head work great and i’ve installed all the patches for them. Another thing. Battlefield plays in instant battle but nothing else. I try to install the 1.6 patch and afterwards, it wont even let me play the instant battle.