Beating Napster at its own game?

I just posted the article Beating Napster at its own game?.

Source: ZDNet

Another company that has a solution to beat piracy on the web. This time they think the solution has to be found in TECHNOLOGY, wow what a discovery !

How? MediaDefender claims…

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We’ll see it when it is so far. 4 now: napster still rulez

Why does everybody think that file sharing started with the use of napster???

I think its very lame when you download a mp3 that isnt what you wanned to download.

yep Ftp is still the best way to get you mp3z from the net i barly use napster the last months to much bad quality mp3z on it!

This is crap,

however many spoofs there are, there will still be proper filez and so its just a matter of sifting through… i imagine napster / whatever staff would just have to spend a little time barring certain ips. with modern ie asdl or cable download times you could preview the music anyway.

another lame failure!

that’s bullshit !!!
we are free to download shit !!! it is not agaonst the low to download mp3 ! we can’t know it is a demo version mp3 or full !
if it is standing in text that it is a full version that is also crap ! we can see over that text !
we are not illegal when we download pirate stuff the uploaders are illegal not we !

Nice! Again some scientist has found the way to stop piracy on the web and only some days it will be cracked/hacked! All protections are crap stuff because they stop only couple downloading but allways someone broke it! Fuck you protections makers!

Fuckin’ crap!! Users who have those files delete them imediatly, and no one will bother hisself… Problem solved

These people seemed to be having fun with their new program… Perhaps they need to be enlightened a bit =)
Don’t you think so?

  1. Cracking should by really easy
  2. How much effort is it going to take to make .mp3’s (just talking about napster right now) with some stupid message that got the same length as the original file (and the same filesize)
  3. Isn’t there such a thing as copyright on file titles, so they are doing illegal things too…
  4. this way of solving these kinds of “problems” (not IMHO) is really pathetic!!

That’s incredible…
To be a serious problem they need something like a T3 for 1000 napster users or they’ll be flooded!
Wow, they can stop napster but surely they’ll need to spend something more than twice they can gain…
Honestly… who’ll take a fake song on his napster db?

It seems me a joke…

GRRR! look out world! we are a pathetic bunch of ‘Nerd wannabees’ and we think we can beat 30 million people by spoofing them. We’ll SPOOF you up good!

uhhh yea okkk… MediaDefender KISS MY ARRSS

This is easy to defeat. We just write a client that lets us play back the beginning of the DL. You can do this with napster just by playing an incomplete file from explorer anyway. That way, if the file isn’t a real DL, we just stop DL’ing. Someone ought to post these bastards who fuck with our warez and mp3z a nice little parcel bomb.

You can “pre-listen” to your currently downloading mp3’s anyway with Winamp. Just open the downloading mp3 file and it play it while you download. So if it nothing but dead air then stop it and try somebody else.

just imagine if bands and software companies lost so much money from piracy, that they started to go bankrupt and stopped making product. then piracy would slow down because there’d be nothing to pirate. some of you sound like MediaDefender is taking away your RIGHT to pirate. pirating is not a right for those of you that don’t know. “backing up” isn’t pirating, but sharing your backup with others is. don’t get so pissed off that those people are trying to stop piracy, they’re just getting tired of losing money to stingy people.