Beat SafeDisc4 in Madden 06 with Nero 7 or A120?



I am trying to make a backup of my Madden NFL 06 for PC. I have Nero 7 trial and A120 trial. I also have Daemon Tools 3.47 and SafeDisc4 Hider.

I tried burning an image with both Nero 7 with slowest speed but its image did not work. The result was some sort of:
“MAINAPP.EXE encounted some problems and must be closed”

Burning image under A120 of profile SD2/3 resulted in the same result.

i used SafeDisc4 hider and this error will still occur.

all the CD backups resulted in “please insert correct disk”.

I wish not to waste anymore CDs so i rather use the image method through Daemon tools since it seems it gets closer by passing the “please insert disc” error. But that method is giving me a strange error that all the searches i did in google did not result in any research information to solve this.

Has any sucessfully burned a working image using one of those programs?
or does anyone know about this error? and ways to correct it?

operating under WinXP
Tools: Daemon tools, Nero 7, a120 v. 1.9x, SD4 hider
Madden NFL 2006 for PC, all 3 original disks.

  1. Load game with Daemon Tools

  2. Start safedisc4 and hide

  3. Then start the game

  4. Restore on safedisc4

Hope this helps


Now the successful ratio of SD’s burning highly depends on your writer and reader.