Beat SafeDisc with Insektors, now also for Windows 9x

I just posted the article Beat SafeDisc with Insektors, now also for Windows 9x.

Chefkoch2k used our newssubmit to tell us that insektors 1.1 has been released. The 1.0 version of Insektors was only available for Windows 2000, Insektors 1.1 will also work on Windows…

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Does this really work?? So if I understand good I must be able to copy B&W on my plex1610 and to be able to play it on any computer

A program like that have existed for a long time. I can’t remember the name.

It says safedisc, does that include safedisc 2?

We’ll just have to try it out 2 C if it really works then hè! :stuck_out_tongue:

bah … what a bunch of newbies. offcause it supports safedisc 2. but you have to load a driver just like daemon tools or playback. but surely its nice to hear about this new version that supports other Operation systems than win2k ViRuZ - don’t get infected :4

DOes this cheat the copy process? Let me know what happens with that PLex1610…

Hey Viruz, you too have been a newbie once, so be a little more patient.

If this program is anything like playbackup then you have to patch the image before you burn it for it to work… So any old cds you have burnt won’t work with it… Also playbackup 2.1 has been blacklisted by macrovision as may have this program… And if it hasn’t then it will be… But either way it will work with all old versions of Safedisc 2… Pre v2.30.031 and possibly this version too. But it would appear now that macrovison is now watching these types of programs carefully…

Everyone is talking about Safe Disc 2 but i’ve encoutered another copy protection that i can’t backup perfectly with my Plextor PX-W8432T with firmware 1.09. It’s the new SecuROM copy protection. I’ve tried to backup Colin McRae 2.0 (European) and the result was a intermitent backup wich sometimes works in my Encore DXR2 DVD drive. I’ve discovered it was a new version of SecuROM with CD Protection Scout The solution i’ve encoutered is to use UnSecuROM 1.0 to patch the executable. I don’t know if any of you guys have already confronted this version of SecuROM. If you did and found a solution please contact me :slight_smile: Satanae

Insektor works a bit like the Securom loaders - when you start the loader program you can play with the copies. In this case you start a driver instead. IMO, personally, I would preferred if someone could make a tool that works a bit like Unsecurom - patch the exe instead. One advantage of Insektor is that it should allow for game patches to work. Actually not a big deal really, since you just need to patch the new exe and record again - CDR’s are so cheap.

Hey Satanae, you’ve got the same writer as me. I think it’s time we abandon Plextor and go for ones that can record in so called correct EFM. Check out the CloneCD site for a list of compatible writers. :c

Well TH7, my Plextor will continue to burn CD’s until it dies :slight_smile: Or until I buy an affordable DVD-RW drive. Until then I will be using UnSafeDisc and UnSecuROM. I only hope these programs continue to evolve since there is no other way to make a working backup and I don’t want to have more programs loaded in memory. We will have to continue patching :wink:

Same problem with Satanae for DIABLO II (SECUROM 2). Same recorder (Plextor PX-W8432T), same firmware (1.09) :c

Guys! Do you know that DAEMON Tools, unlike all these utilities, allows emulation of Safedisc2 WITHOUT patching ‘weak’ sectors or removing something from image?? You should use ‘fastdump’ method in Daemon to produce correct image! If you burn this image on ‘cool’ recorder it will work without any emulation. If your recorder is bad - it will work with Daemon on ANY CDROM. I guess people do not know it and try to create such tools - all this has been long ago implemented in Daemon…

What is ‘fastdump’ method in daemon tools?

Fastdump: 1)Turn Safedisc emu ON in Daemon. 2)Run the game from original CD, wait 'til all CD checks are over (game started). 3)Exit game and, without ejecting original, make dump from it with any burning prog in Win2000 or any burning prog in 9x using ASPI (not CloneCD!). CDRWIN is usually best for this task. You will notice that dumping process is very fast - all bad sectors skipped in several seconds no matter what CDROM you use (even CDROM LED is not active at this time). The image you get is perfect. Note: Fastdump may currently not work on Plextor drive if burning prog uses vendor specific commands - try other drive then…

the great VeNoM386 has spoken :slight_smile: I love your Prog :slight_smile:

This program SUCKS. My Safedisc copy work not on my other computer. It work only on the cd-rom drive i did select on this program :frowning:

This program does not suk if u install it on ya other computer and select the drive u want to use…