BearShare P2P company settles with RIAA for $30 million

I just posted the article BearShare P2P company settles with RIAA for $30 million.

   The company Free Peers, which operated the BearShare P2P file sharing service  and software has shut down its operations following a $30 million settlement  with 4 members of the RIAA -...
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Still working atm. I’m a big fan of this for finding individual songs.

BS was on the Gnutella network, one of the oldest P2P networks around. Plenty more clients on that network left around. BS was/is one of the worst clients out there run by such an anal retentive and all round nasty piece of work (he loathed the original creator of Shareaza and generally tried to turn Gnutella into his own network) he should fit in with the media mafia now its his turn to bend over and take it… :g

> Free Peers, along with BearShare’s new owners, iMesh > and its MusicLab subsidiary, reached a $30 million proposed judgment This ought to be interesting. iMesh has been trying to go legit, and the last time I used it what I was getting was fake files from Sony Music – various filesizes from various sources, but they were the same 30 second samples looped. Yes, I bought the album, so blow me Sony. I haven’t used BearShare in years. Was decent back in the early days, a better interface than Nullsoft’s Gnutella client, and less crap-riddled than its competitors (Kazaa, Morpheus). Long Live SoulSeek… keep fighting!