BearShare is spyware

I just posted the article BearShare is spyware….

Yesterday I got a mail from wondog about BearShare, and that it is actually spyware

Hey MP3!

Just letting You know that BS IS indeed spyware, or rather the install package contains a stealth…

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Damn. This is some lame stuff by bearshare. And indeed the savenow-sorta plugin did take a lot of memory and sometimes it even made the system hang (win2k). Besides that it made i.e. a lot slower (at start up). However it is possible to uninstall and save now.

I understand that the author’s claimed reason for using these spyware program’s within thier own program is for funding, *however It is so wrong not to blantantly tell us about them. I think I would respect the whole spyware thing if I was told *up-front that they thier software will install these programs & exactly what they will or won’t do. They should even give me a choice explaining that the spyware keeps program’s free. At least this way I wouldn’t feel so *spy-ish about the spyware. Nevertheless, Lavasoft has taken from Steve Gibson’s initial program & given us a *free proggy called ‘‘Ad-Aware’’. It simply eliminates the “spy” from these wares. It’s wonderful, as far as I can see. it got rid of all that stuff from webhance, onflow, etc. etc. Check it out:

Blunder? I don’t think so. They wanted that shit on your hardrive or they would have told you about it. I don’t know who is behind it but I don’t think they have your best interest in mind. I was tipped by zonealarm then I zapped the onflow shit from my HD and Reg. Later Norton anti-virus quarantine BS from my system… Geez :r

Not only does bearshare install spyware but it really sucks. Use ad-aware like stvvasta said. You can get it at I’ve tried lots of Napster alternatives install spyware (Imesh, Bearshare, AudioGalaxy Satellite) If you want a nice clean napster alternative get Morpheus from It works amazing on a high speed connection. Full music videos in 6 minutes

If the crap Bearshare installs does cause Windows 2000 to freeze, just press control+alt+del to run task manager and kill the task called SaveNow.exe. This tends to kill internet explorer at the same time, but will unfreeze the system so that you can track down and delete this crap.

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