Bears Vs Colts In Super Bowl


At [I][I]minimum[/I][/I] - colts “Championship” hat-eh!

A Colts thong would be a good touch too - IMHO-eh!

I’m from the Chicago area and am happy to see the Bears there again after 21 years… I was a junior in high school in '85. I’m not going to trash talk. The Colts are an outstanding and well coached team and Peyton Manning can pick apart any defense… Much like Marino did on a Monday night to put a loss on the '85 Bears record. This looks to be one of the better Super Bowl match ups. It’s gonna be a tough two weeks here in the mid-west!

In closing, I will say this… I moved to Wisconsin to get as far away from professional football as I could! … and I’ve heard the argument about the Packers winning the Super Bowl in '97… My comeback for that… “It just goes to show how much the talent in the NFL has diminished since the Bears won in '85!” :iagree:


Well the Hawk’s are out, Bears are enemy #1. Go Colts!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

:cool: :cool:

No, not a charger’s fan. When I say Northern Calif, I mean north. Dam near into Oregan. Just a Colt’s fan.

Glad to find another one on the board. :slight_smile:

Colts had to win this one or they would be like the Buffalo Bills.
Take the Bears to win given the points.

My husband read this thread and found it much too funny…
I was out this evening, and he spent the time searching the internet for new avatars…
This is what I now have :rolleyes:

(he’s just annoyed cos Chelsea (his team since the age of 4) lost to Liverpool this weekend, and I laughed at him.


Thank God DH has a good sense of humor-eh!

I’m lucky just to get the cheerleader picture… husband was actually looking for a Colts cheerleader wearing a thong picture, but couldn’t find anything that would be ok to post here (or be recognisable as a Colts picture anyway)

Should have added an avatar bet with that :doh: Have the perfect one :iagree: Yes, that IS Tom Brady :bigsmile:


Thank you for not showing Tom Brady in a thong-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :Z

Go Geese’s!

Please keep it tasteful! Lol!
No Cheerleaders, No Tom Brady, No thongs, No blow by blow accounts (because Cheerleaders reputations precede them) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe sorry Debro, couldn’t help it. Mischievous nature :bigsmile:

It’s too bad Ditka’s not still the coach. Then the score would be Bears 169-Colts 2. As it is it’ll just be Bears-80 Colts-2.


Bears in a close game

Ouch, that’s bad…

I’ll stick with the blond cheerleader avatar that I have now :stuck_out_tongue:



Like they don’t do that in Australian Rules Football-

Don’t forget that that is shown all over the world - and your fans are freakin’ crazy-eh!!! :iagree: :iagree:

Most cheerleaders are like that :wink:
That’s why their reputation precedes them :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are bowling teams called Bears?