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Australian scientists claim teleporting success. :slight_smile:,5746,laser^^TEXT,00.html

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a while ago american scientists teleported a single photon. across the lab.

In 1999 scientists teleported a few Boron atoms across the room.

What about the Philadelphia project?

What about the Philadelphia project?

isnt that a low fat cheese spread ?

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman
What about the Philadelphia project?

It was an interesting movie.

It’s about an American cloaking device test that works too well.
It was WW2 in Philadelphia. The cloak actually (partially) took the ships apart. Sailors’ bodies blended with the hulls. There were limbs and bodies imbedded in the hull when the test was stopped.

Querry “Project Rainbow” or “Philadelphia Experiment” or “USS ELDRIDGE” on and watch the results pour in.

The movie is well worth a rental.

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Actually, it was never an experiment that had anything to do with “cloaking”. It was supposedly an experiment in teleportation that was based on Einstein’s ideas. Unfortunately, during the transfer of atoms from one place to the other, some of the atoms of the ships were blended with the atoms of the sailors resulting in bodies blended in with the deck, the guns, etc. This is all denied by the US government and it is really one of those conspiracy theories you would see on X-Files. There was supposedly one witness to this experiment who fueled the theory but a while back he admitted to lying.