BeALL and NEC 2500A, good Combo?

I see I can get them very inexpensively, how fast do they burn? Are they good? Anybody know of quality scans of them? How do they fare from pack to pack? I saw Ritek is different based on production line, and can be top notch or total junk based on that. How about BeALL? CD Freaks review said that BeALL did well, but besides that, what has your experience been? Thanks!

I read BeALL is a devision of Samsung? Is this true? If I get Samsung disks will they be the same as BeALL?

If these are not good disks, what do you recommend for around $1 a disk? Thanks!

Yes they works fine here.

BeALL was earlier a division of Samsung - But they’re on their own now.

Samsung DVD-R is still BeALL though, Samsung DVD+R (at least here in Norway) is Taiyo Yuden.

BeALL writes at 4x.


Seems like TY is not easy to get here in the USA. I look and find them, but nobody is hyping them, and choices of packs are limited. I did find a site with a 25 pack (only site I’ve found w/25), here @ $2.07/ea. However, this company normally offers 100% 60 day money back warranty on disks, and free shipping (see link in my prev post). Not with the TY’s… and they are better media!

I’m looking at Ritek grade A, G04… it’s tempting, but from all I read they aren’t such a good idea. Or is it the firmware? What firmware are you using? I read in another post you have few problems with these, and you are using DB 1.06 uncapped firmware. Are you using the RPC1 and uncapped, or just the Rip Lock Only uncapped? Is this why you don’t have problems, or is it because Ritek in Norway is from a better production line? What do you use, + or -, maybe that have something to do with it?

I really want to buy cheap disks, but I feel uncertain which are gonna be best.

Btw, I am thinking to buy DVD-R, since they are more likely to work my Apex 1200 dvd player. Any real reason to go with + instead?

Ritek G03, whats the difference? Are they better/worse?

Here’s a crazy idea…! How about buying Ritek disks off of ebay, and asking the seller to open the pack and do a diag and find out what production line the disks came from, before you bid. What production line is good, or what tells if their good Ritek’s? What should I ask?

May be the discs - may be drive or may even be programs/computer config that makes the problems. Honestly don’t know.

Personally I’ve tried all 1.06 firmware versions and 4 different G04 discs without much problems.

But if I were you I would not bought Ritek DVD-R media.

You may look into CMC magnetics, mitsubishi and maxell media which also works fine here.

How good are Ricoh’s? They cost as much as TY!

I’ve only been using beall’s from meritline for the last 5 months. Before that Ritek g-4’s.

I gave the BeAll’s a try based on their Money back guarantee on Meritline.

I’ve got a small computer shop and sell these with every rig with a DVD burner in it.

I only use NEC 1300a’s for the last year and now 2500a’s.

I’ve probably Sold 2500 of these BeAll disks. and i have probably used close to 1000 of them myself.

Im not on here a lot i lurk mostly, when i need answers. I mostly live @ xtremesystems or OC forums.

My DVD burning rig has 4- NEC 2500a’s in it I use DVD Shrik/nero 6 to burn to all 4 @ once.

I have an external enclosure 2500a that i use for making Ghost Restore disks of customers computers, that they leave with.

Out of those 1000 i have only had one guy have a problem with a Movie i gave him.

I looked at the disk, wiped the Greasy fingerprint off of it, and i plays fine. I have not have one come back from any home DVD player yet.

I only recommend Beall’s to everyone i know. If you havent tried them, give them a shot. I bought a new Epson R300 printer for printing straight on the DVD’s. The Beall Printable label DVD’s have no problems either.

I dont even think about testing another brand. I buy the 500 packs and they come in 50 pack cake boxes. .89 cents each. 99 cents each shipped for 100 packs.


Originally posted by NetTechie

Seems like TY is not easy to get here in the USA. [/B]

Do yourself a favor and avoid Meritline. You can get TY, Beall and everthing else at for reasonable prices.

The 2500 will use all CMC media and do so very well. HP media is usually CMC.

Originally posted by rdgrimes
[B]Do yourself a favor and avoid Meritline. You can get TY, Beall and everthing else at for reasonable prices.

The 2500 will use all CMC media and do so very well. HP media is usually CMC. [/B]

what’s wrong with meritline, PM me if you dont want to say in here.

I’ve used 2500 of the 4x beall’s and not one bad?? I’ve been to your store above and they only carry the 1x be-all i’ve tried the 1x they are not the same and will not burn @ 4x.

I buy 500 packs @ a time .89 cents each. TY’s are $1.40-$1.50.

My main DVD burning rig has 4 NEC 2500’s and i use nero to burn to all 4 @ once, These work for me, cheap, and no problems.

I’ve got a small computer shop. I sell at least computers a week with DVD burners in them. I need cheap media that works to sell.

And if the customers decide they want to “backup” DVD movies, the disks have to play in all home DVD players, and these do. I have not had one not work out of 2500+ disks.

If you can point me the way to Better Cheaper media i’ll go for it. but till then Meritline has never given me a problem in 15 orders straight.

So im plugging them!!!