BeAll adds extra Megabytes to DVD recordable media with Extreme eXtended media

I just posted the article BeAll adds extra Megabytes to DVD recordable media with Extreme eXtended media.

 South Korean company BeAll has announced that it  will start shipping 4x DVD-R recordable discs to which consumers  can record up to 4.85 GB of data or 124 minutes of DVD video....
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That’s got to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day. 0.15GB is Extreme eXtended? That’s a lot of x for nothing! :r

It was a big deal when they added 50MB to CDs :slight_smile: So, what’s the actual recordable amount, since you don’t get 4.7GB on current discs anyways. More like 4.5GB.

Adding 50MB to 650mb CDs was a 10.77% increase in space and the media became immediately available in almost the same price. Adding 0.144GB to DVDs is a 3.21% increase. Who wants to bet that the price won’t be only 3% up? BeAll working ONE year for this? OMG…

current dvd can only put STANDARD 6 divx to it, hopefully with this extended dvd it can put 7 divx, so not space is waste

if they can add up to 0.144 Gb now, they might be able to add more later. Remember the 900 MB CDs? Imagine a possible 5.5 GB, even 6 GB DVD-R :smiley:

By the time something like that rolls around, +R DL would’ve dropped enough in price for more people to use… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll admit, it would be nice for XviD/DivX discs. All those times when I fretted about “oh rats, I don’t want to use up another DVD just because this one is short 50 MB!”…