Beall 4x dvd+r silver printable



:a kprobe is horrible, burned with 411s fsok f/w, probed with same drive…
all my burns (ritek -r, prodisc -r, beall +r) probes are all right around here…
what the h@#$ am i doing wrong. 6, 10, 20 burns into the same media and my burns arent improving! any help would be VERY appreciated!!


Sorry, but the LiteOn 411S is a pretty crappy drive IMO.
Upgrade to a better drive to save yourself ALOT of headaches.
Suggestions: BenQ 1620 , NEC 3500A, LG 4163B, Toshiba SD-R5372


i’m not sure about BeAll 4x dvd+r, but i had a very bad experienced with BeAll 4x dvd-r silver printable, you can read the thread here: