BeAll 4.85GB DVD-R EX Availability

I’m quoting this from the front page news of “CloneCD released”

“4.85GB Media???”

"Yeah, one of the disc manufacturers has released special extended capacity DVDR-5 discs. These store slightly more data on the disc then normal, similar to the situation with CDRs and 90min + discs (when the official standards are 74 and 80min only)."

“They’re still single layer, but unless it’s an almost no cost option (AND all DVD-writers will burn them) then I don’t really see the point.”

Is this going to be a new standard?
What is the true size? (4.7GB actually = 4.38GB)
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This media is from BeAll Developers in Korea. You can get some from Meritline here , but it’s pretty expensive (though still significantly cheaper than DL blanks). USD $1.11 each, when you can get Taiyo Yuden TYG02s for around $0.65.

There’s some CDInfoPro scans here:

For the price, I’d just buy several Taiyo Yuden 4.38GB blanks and split up my file(s), or suck it up and use a Verbatim DL disc. The chances that you have a file larger than 4.38GB but smaller than 4.51GB are fairly slim – I personally wouldn’t have too much use for this media at all.

Thank You, reptile for the info.
I was just curious. I mainly use DVDR (DVD+R) to archive my karaoke files.
I usually get 1260 songs on one 4.38GB DVD (Although one of my discs has 1311 songs. Must be smaller songs) :slight_smile:


For the Dutch /Belgium Folks check out
You might be able to get a free sample of Beall oversize media with your order.
At least I did. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know where to buy Beall DVD-R EX 4x (4.85GB) in Europe? You know the ones with the increased capacity. Or is there increased capacity media from other manufacturer too?

No one knows? :sad:

Belgian store has them.
Also one of the best options for Dutch people when you want cheap and good media.
Infact they even had them in there free samples line up for months. But I think there now longer there and I’m to lazy to check.

This shop does not send the DVDs to Austria :sad: .

What was the lowest price? In South Korea, the “EX” version costs about US$2-3. Not sure if the numbers are correct but they seemed at least 3 times more expensive then the regular 4,700,000,000 disks. (Not exactly 4.7 billion bytes though.)

It is 21 Euros the 50 disc spindle.

0.42 Euro… not sure if it’s worth for the added few percentage of space. :bigsmile: