BeAll 16x +/- Media at 10% off for 25pack



25 Pack Save 10% Now With Coupon Code MP10OFF
Sale Price: $18.68



In the past - BeAll media has proven to be Crap Media - I doubt that this has changed with the 16x media-



well you will be surprise…about the 16x…its ok…go do a search in LG forums


I totally agree bigmike.I’m thinkin’ though that there’s some burner out there that burns it well,just not mine. :bigsmile:



Especially when you can buy Verbatim 16x from the same company for about half the price with MIR-



I know I won’t be buying any Beall media. Check out this thread:


For US customers, I don’t think BeAll 16x DVD media have any merit. BeAll 16x DVD media are more expensive than Verbatim 16x DVD media even in South Korea, BeAll’s home country. The company needs to wake up.


I vote for the 16X Verbatim (MCC 004) disks at $.35 after MIR. The current rebate deal lasts intil March 13 I think. I get excellent results and scans on my 1673S LiteOn.