BE14NU40: Horrible at dealing with damaged CDDA?

@PhilWasHere: How well does your BE16NU50 deal with CDDA damage?
Does anybody have the BE12 from 2012 for testing?

In my case, the BE14NU40 is worse at damaged CDDA than an ancient SL-PJ26A from 1989 (which deals with damage pretty good actually. Better than our JVC RC-EX30 Boombox from 2004).

If I try reading a slightly damaged part, the drive gets hiccups that won’t stop.
I used IsoBuster to make a DAE. It took an hour for 20 seconds of DAE due to the hiccups and coughes of the drive, but these 20 seconds actually were completely free from noise caused by the scratches, as far as I can listen.

@TL7 - Good question. I haven’t put mine through the paces. I have an old BR drive that rips CDs like a champ. Super fast, super accurate, good at handling damage, etc. So, I tend to stick to that. I might try ripping a couple of CDs later this week with the other drives, though. It’d be good to know how well they can perform.

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Thanks for telling.[quote=“philwashere, post:2, topic:399739”]
. I have an old BR drive that rips CDs like a champ.

Which drive do you have?

I have the LG GGC-H20L, the drive that reads both HD-DVDs and Blu-Rays. At this point, I basically use it to rip CDs. I can get upwards of 8x out of it, and it’s accurate too. :slight_smile: Not quite Plextor in its prime but I’m happy with it, especially since the other drives I’ve tried are lucky if they can get over 2x. (I’m sure I can get better speeds on new drives. I’m just lazy and haven’t read up on what’s preferred these days.)

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How did the LG BE16NU50 perform in damaged DAE?

And I have another quesiton:
DVD-R reading speed: Does it reach the promised ×16?

My BE14NU40 reaches ×12 for reading anything else DVD than DVD+R and DVD-ROM. It does not achieve the promised ×16 on a HQ undamaged DVD-R despite achieving full ×16 on lower quality/damaged DVD+R.

Does the BE16NU50 reach CAV ×16 reading speed on the DVD-R?

The BE14NU40 also fails reading PrincoBudget DVD-R and sometimes also ISY DVD-R.

The Pioneer DVR-R07 (Sharp DV-RW250) failed at DVD-R but worked after increasing potentiometer. Excellent DVD error correction at it’s time (2004), but rather horrible for CDs. But handles damaged DVDs quite well. The exact opposite o LiteON eTAU108: Terrible at error correction for DVDs, but excellent for CDs. Not nearly as good as the SE208 however

@PhilWasHere Does your BE16NU50 fail at DVD-R sometimes? Does one have a BE12LU30/LU38 to test these?

Hi. I haven’t put in any DVD-Rs yet. All these drives I’ve been using have only had 4K discs put in so far, with one exception. My “Rick and Morty” Blu-Rays have been weird. One season didn’t rip properly 'til an older (circa 2010) drive had its firmware upgraded. (I’d imagine a newer one would’ve been fine.) The other one kept causing MakeMKV to choke, no matter what. Finally used AnyDVD to rip the image and MKVToolnix to assemble the MKVs. Other than that and the 4K “The Bridge on the River Kwai” disc choking on just about every drive that has touched it (the Buffalo drive is the only exception), I haven’t run weird/damaged discs through these drives.

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It deals with damaged discs MUCH BETTER at higher rotation speeds.