BE06LU10 write failed


To start : sorry for my english !

I have a question about my new BE06LU10.
I bought it last week and i can’t write on the BD-RE (25 Go) gived on the package LG !!
When i try to write with power2go (the software gived with the device), after 10 sec, the process failed.
I have the last firmware : YE05

See the log :
User Name : AnSo
Company Name : Company
CDKey : MS73252792277646
OS Version : Vista Personal Service Pack 1
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\Power2Go\Power2Go.exe : Version 5.50.3209
CBS.dll : Version 7.7.2003


Total physical memory : 2047MB (2097151KB)
Free physical memory : 2047MB (2097151KB)
Memory load : 37 percent

Number of CPU : 4
CPU Name : Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9450 @ 2.66GHz
CPU Speed : 2666 MHz


Task Type : Disque de données

21:41:53, File(cl_DVDData.cpp), Line(191)
-> Begin burning process
Current drive: <M: HL-DT-ST BD-RE BE06LU10 YE05>
Current writing speed(x): 2.0
====== Disc Info =======
Disc Type: BD-RE
Disc Status: Blank, Appendable
Num. of Sessions: 1 Num. of Tracks: 1
Disc Capacity: 11826176LBs
Free Size: 11826176LBs Used Size: 0LBs
Burn option: w/ buffer underrun protection
Burn option: w/o simulation
Burn option: w/o close disc
Burn option: w/o verify disc
FS type: ISO9660_JOLIET
Burn mode: PACKET_INC

21:42:25, file(cl_DVDData.cpp), line(3056)
-> Begin new track: 1

21:42:25, file(cl_DVDData.cpp), line(3087)
-> Write data

CDVDData: BurnDiscFunc: Error, hr = 4278399232
Last write LBA: 0

21:42:25, file(cl_DVDData.cpp), line(3227)
-> End new track

21:42:25, File(cl_DVDData.cpp), Line(305)
-> Burning Fail, ErrCode: 0xeb020b88


Error Code : 0xeb020b88

Its the same things with nero…
I haven’t try to write on a CD or DVD because i whant to write on BD !!!
I think the problem is my computer : a bad driver or something like that ?

I need help ! Thx

I think the problem is my computer : a bad driver or something like that ?

I need help ! Thx[/QUOTE]

The problem is the disc. For some reason, LG burners won’t format or write the LG BD-RE discs they include with their bundles. You’d think an LG burner would burn an LG disc, but it won’t because the disc is horrible. I had the very same problem (also with a BE06LU10) and so did a lot of other people on the ImgBurn forums.
My advice: buy another disc, preferably a Verbatim BD-RE, and try again. TDK and Sony discs should also give good results. Forget about the bundled LG disc - it’s a dud.
You should also give ImgBurn a try. It’s the best burning software around.

[QUOTE=Horseylicious;2474140]The problem is the disc.[/QUOTE]

YES ! Its TRUE. But i returned the BE06LU10 to the shop where i bought it. And after some test they give me an another BD-RE SONY and its works like a charm. And because they were sorry, they gived me an another BD-RE Verbatim ! Its works too !

Thank !:disagree:

Great result! I wish somebody would swap by LG BD-RE for a Sony or a Verbatim:-)