Be warned: NEW virus!

I just posted the article Be warned: NEW virus!!!.

Submitted by: granny


If you receive an e-mail entitled ‘Badtimes’, delete it immediately!!

Do not open it. Apparently…

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nice hoax

The phrase “Live’s a bitch untill you mary one” comes to mind

Hey, I think I’ve got this one already !

i don’t think this is possible? or is ist possible??
how do they do that then??

This is old… there is even an mp3 of this one… but only in dutch… Find it here:

Nice virus! Where cam I get it?

Life sucks. Then you marry someone who doesn’t

I’m scared already

Not.funny !!! :frowning:

Hey ya cunt, why didn’t u tell me aboiut this earlier, if i’d known this was the problem i could have avoided
10 years of therapy.

I like this part :
It will recalibrate your refrigerator’s coolness settings so all your ice cream melts and your milk curdles.

does it make the hair on your hed grow if you are balding?

Life sucks. Then you marry someone who won’t… ;-))

Poor man this is a old story

was wondering what happened to my beer

I was kicked out of the kindergarten for this one. (And I’m getting old)

ik wil alleen aanmelden dat er bestaat sinskort een Nederlandse Virussen Encyclopedie

WOW, can I get source code?