Be nice, here's your chance!

I just posted the article Be nice, here’s your chance !.

Submitted by: inzane

Do the right thing…
One thing I’ve learned is that the W* community is all about sharing. What if we could all share a little more. It wont cost you a cent. It will just…

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ur name definitely describes you!

inzane or not… I just had to click… Ain’t it great to see so much humanity here?

Peace to the world!

"I love you guys… ah screw you guys I’m going home"
© Eric Cartman

rubi is heartless… cdfreaks should have permanent links to these pages… yea thats an idea - a link to hitsagainsthunger - straight to the donate a dollar page in the corner of cdfreaks…

Wow, I never thought this would leave the confines on the forums that it was posed in. Thank you Inzane for doing this. I got goosebumps for about 5 minutes.

Tack care everyone,

where is the ‘pink ribbon’ on the page? I clicked al the 1024x768 pixels but no luck. Really good thing u guys are doing here. thanks.

Yeah, I didn’t find that fucking ribbon also.

Hah, makes me feel really good that a little hungry child can eat thanks to me. Just by clicking once on a link that took 3 seconds @ 33k6. I agree, large sites should place these kind of links. Really rich companies like Microsoft and Philips should donate more money to those starving children who are less fortunate. Gets you thinking, if you can save a hungry child with just one mouseclick.

only rubi is inzane

Nope. Its a set up. Nope not going to do it.

To 7th angel:
I thought by myself: this should get worldwide publicity.
Sorry i forgot to mention ur credits though…
Every who is on a forum or so should forward these links !!!

I don’t think its so good if this gets worldwide publicity. Mayor companies will have to pay much more, and finally when it gets too expensive, they will stop doing it. So mayor sites should not post these things, except if they pay those funds themselves.

Thats np at all Inzane. Nice to see others spreading the word as well

don’t try to support things like hunger or fckn rainforests .the bloody problem is that it won’t help
you or the others.
the world is dying…
throw that atombombs and
that will be the final solution.

p.s. why the fck is this on
are you guys losin it???

Well cunt69, thats a poor attitude. If anyone wants to know more goto my homepage at hxxp://

Ive addd many more links than are here.

I’m sitting here getting sentimental and stuff…and when I decide to click theres no pink ribbon…??
If there goes 1$ to these kids, I think it’s a good cause. (even here on cdfreaks)

Those hungry fools ain’t gonna get NOTHING from me =)

this is the most sux cdrom drive ever made indeed not in the world but in the universe. no driver or support page, never burns cd successfully nor read cd, just prompting with lots of different errors, like illegal block size, or device is bla bla, f**k that matshita. and its doers. :frowning:


Never buy this burner. I am facing problems with one type of media, media compatibility issue. I am trying for firmware upgrade from four days no luck. Just check in google you will only see cries no solution. So many OEMs using this junk piece and troubling us…