Be aware of meritline

Just a warning to everyone sells fake media I do not have supporting fact right now,but I did ordered generic CD-Rs from meritline and they all failed to burn and had holes In the media.

Fake? It just sounds like you bought low quality generic media and got low quality generic media. If you get failed burns you may want to try a lower speed, try 12x-32x. What’s the media code? I’ve used Plasmon that had tiny pinholes in spots on some of the discs but the data was fully readable. Obviously junk but they were useable.

As long as they sell what they say they do, then you cannot call them fake. A co-worker of mine by’s TY’s by the thousands from them and not once have they not been genuine. Seems like the problem here is a budget-conscience buyer instead of quality conscience.

Generic CD-R’s could be made by anyone, and as scoobiedoobie said, they are usually low quality. Meritline only sells the media, so the low quality isnt their fault.

Yes it was Plasmon CD-Rs.
O and thanks everyone for correcting me :slight_smile:

Yeah probably the same media that I have. I don’t think I bought them from Meritline, I can’t recall where I got them at the moment. As I said they work ok, I just have been burning them around 16-32x (actually I usually burn CD-R media no faster than 32x anyway). I’ve gotten C2 errors with a few of them but most have been ok.

Yeah , Plasmon CD-R are not so good and sometimes even crappy , we have them here in Egypt under Sony MIC (maybe fake !) , Samsung Pleomax (maybe the best of Plasmon) and Princo CD-R media .

Keep in mind that Plasmon don’t make CD-R themselves, they’re just making stampers and devices, so the “Plasmon CD-R” are demo CD-R made with their demo machines by ANY company.
I avoid them because I don’t know what they are - they could be everything, actually.