Be Afraid...or more correctly Steve Jobs be afraid

The very THING he created…the gadget…at least the modern gadget, now threatens to take the power back

Kinda long article, but…

Here´s a quote to get you started…

The point about iProducts is that Steve controls them. They have only one beginning and one end. From Steve to you. You have to go through Steve’s store—it’s a company store in a company town. But here are two guys, Nathaniel Wice, a former music-magazine editor who went to the Wharton business school, and Josh Hochman, a Brooklyn surfer dude, who’ve developed a gadget just coming off production lines in China, which links up your heretofore solipsistic iPod to someone else’s iPod, so we can all become mini-iCenters and re-distributors. The iProducts, the Wal-Mart of gadgets with all their heavy-handed protocols and restrictions, turn into, courtesy of Wice and Hochman’s miShare gadget, merely hard drives, storage devices, warehouses, enabling us all to become our own little sharing, networking retail establishments. (In the new information world, the last thing you want to be, the lowest point on the food chain, is just a storage unit—that’s the kick-me position.) You can, in the office, or on the subway, pass your files, movies, tunes, playlists, to somebody else (while, in a networked world, this physical connectivity seems a little primitive, you get the point—where there’s the will, there’s the gadget wherewithal). So Steve’s central source no longer is in control. Rather, the gadget itself rules—facilitating convenience, organic human behavior, and, naturally, copyright theft.

Well, maybe not the gadget itself but the users of the gadget. Apple is a bit egocentric, it’ll bite them eventually, but their products will still be out there so in a way they win anyway.

I’m an Orange and Mango person myself.