BDV316E 16X DVD-Rom only works at 8X

Hi everybody,

I’m having some troubles with my DVD-Rom player. It is a 16X DVD-player, but at the moment it’ll only work at 8X. Nero DriveSpeed sees it as an 8X player and while ripping DVD-movies to my harddrive, it won’t go any faster then 11.000KB/s (at the max…)
I have no idea how all this started, but I think it begun when I flashed the firmware version from version 0052 to 0060. That’s when I began to notice that the drive is very quite during movieripping. At first I thought it was pleasant to have such a quiet drive all of a sudden, but later I started to realize that it is so quiet because it’s working too slow.
So, after having discovered that my computer sees it as an 8X drive, I flashed back the old 0052 firmware. (on this forum there was somebody else with the same problem, and in his case, flashing back the old firmware helped).
But in my case, it didn’t. My drive is currently running on the 0052 firmware again, and it’s still running at 8X max.
Does anyone have experience with this and know how to cure this?


Well, I don’t need help anymore, problem is fixed.

When I flashed the newest firmware ALL my dvd’s where only readable at 8X. So yesterday, when I discovered that, I flashed back to the older firmware.
When I did that, the problem was already fixed but I didn’t notice it, 'cause I just a movieDVD which I burned myself, and that DVD is seemingly only readable at 8X. So, I tried another (bought in the store, a “real” one) data-dvd, and that one worked at 16X.
So, my dvd-player is okay again, but it thought the problem wasn’t over due to my stupid Philips DVD+R DVD’s :slight_smile: