BDR-XD04 Pioneer External troubles?

Hello all, new here, but not to Burning DVD’s, etc. I need some advice.

I found this unit as an open box clearance at local Best Buy for disturbingly cheap. It’s the external 2-connector USB variety. My existing laptop doesn’t have USB3 so it was the best fit for me.

Anyway, I bought some Memorex BD-R’s that were on sale, and the drive won’t init them at all (says incompatible media in ImgBurn). But, when I pop a DVD in there, bang, works great, same for a CD. I can talk to the drive, query it, all that stuff. It communicates it’s statuses, like tray open, etc. I cheated the interlock briefly to check the lasers, both blinked briefly and the head moved. I thought maybe the BR diode was dead, etc.

I even flashed the F/W to 1.30 (familiar with all this sort of thing.) Now reports as 1.30. Seems happy!

Except… I returned the memorex’s for Verbatims thinking I had issues with the BD-R’s. Alas, the same thing happened. I am using a USB port extender cord as I do not have two USB’s right next to each other, and one is specifically tagged as a USB/eSATA high power port.

I did NOT get the CD in the box that’s supposed to come with it and the manual makes reference to some “special” driver that only comes with the Cyberlink software for burning 6x, but that shouldn’t stop it from doing something, right? Could it just be the driver? Can’t find it anywhere online.

Guidance? anything? I’m a seasoned tech veteran and this is irritating me!


I guess either I don’t supply enough juice or the extender USB cable I used wasn’t enough. I plugged both ports into a powered USB 2.0 hub and success! it read the verbatim disk! (the book says I shouldn’t, but I guess I need the power boost from the hub!) I will try a burn tomorrow and report back!

I guess I’ll have to take advantage of the external power supply option. Still need to find that driver disk, but I wrote Pioneer an email about it.

So, I tried again this morning - same issue after all. Very disappointed.

What do you mean, “the same issue”? Does the drive read a Blu-ray movie or data disc?

Thanks for the reply!

The problem repeated itself, It was again today as I described last night - incompatible medium installed with a blank Blu Ray. I do not have any Blu Ray to test as I am new to this.

It showed up once late last night with a blu-ray blank (read the MID, etc), and I left that disk in there thinking I could do a burn today. I tried today - “Incompatible medium installed”). The drive clearly made different sounds when it did take the BD-R when it worked.

As it was an “open box” item, are you using the USB cables that came with the unit, or were they missing? Have you tried re-starting the laptop with the drive connected?

It came with the special 2 connector USB to USB mini cable. I am using it. I can get it work and talk with the computer in terms of reading a DVD. I have restarted the computer with the drive attached. The only thing apparently missing was the software CD.

It may be helpful to get your hands on a pre-recorded Blu-ray. To see if it exhibits issues with that as well. It may explain why the drive was “open box” :(. And give you some ammunition for dealing with Pioneer’s warranty department.

Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll need to rent a blu-ray for testing purposes.